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Saint C Unleashes New Record “Overdose Them”

Forthcoming New Hampshire artist Saint C is more than just a rapper, or singer, or singular identity. Considerably great at a lot of things related to the art of music and sound, Saint C is building his brand as a multi-hyphenate, and an overall versatile artist. Proving to be true in his new single “Overdose Them”, Saint C can easily coexist in the cloud rap genre of hip-hop, next to the kid cudi’s and Asher Roth’s!

A follow up to his previous release “Now They Gotta” which was released back in November of 2023, Saint C has consistently honed in on his craft, resulting in a encore-ambiance — totally leaving listeners wanting more. Connected to the idea of music since his childhood, Saint C has always loved singing in general. Eventually finding other inspirations and developing skills to wrap, write and more, his creative process  would elevate release after release.

“Overdose Them” has been building up excitement from what’s coming for Saint C. Stay tuned!

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