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Chaz Gant - “Glitter Girl”

A Dark and moody atmosphere surrounds this latest track from New York Artist Chaz Gant, as he continues to refine his image and sound for this upcoming era of new music. Structured around a Jersey Club rhythm pattern, “Glitter Girl” is a song about just that - a girl that walks into Chaz’s life with a radiance so bright that she “shines like silver”. Seemingly everything he has ever wanted, Chaz becomes absolutely enamored by her, leading to an infatuation that takes its course over the short-but-sweet track. However, the situation becomes a bit more complicated when Chaz mentions that he hates seeing her with another man, as he feels like that guy isn’t good enough for her. All the while Chaz feels incredibly lost without her being there, alluding to some toxicity in the mix as well.

The hook repeats itself until about the 35-second mark, where frantic hi-hats join the fray and lend credence to the track’s escalating tension. The broody sonics on here are reminiscent of The Weeknd and Ye, who have crafted some amazing pieces of work utilizing the same aesthetics. Despite the influence though, Chaz makes the track his, injecting his own signature flair into it with rhymes describing the life of luxury he can provide her with - and feels as though she deserves. As the track continues its breakdown and switches things up a bit to keep it fresh, it eventually comes back around in a full circle, closing the loop and leaving Chaz to continue yearning for the Glitter Girl in question.

After taking some time away, Chaz returns with a second single that adds some more depth to his overall catalog. Although it feels like an interlude, the bits and pieces of story here make the overall concept and execution an interesting one, and well worth the listen.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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