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"Knowhow2ride" - Aes Vissle

New York Artist Aes Vissle charts new territory, as he dives into the Jersey Club Sound with his latest track, "Knowhow2ride." Originating in the boom-bap space, before venturing into melodic trap, Aes Vissle seeks to stamp his versatility with this Batista-produced track.

Built around the now world-famous Jersey Club rhythm, the track starts off nice and slow, with Aes crooning to the object of his affection, yearning to see if she "knowhow2ride". His bars are filled with visceral descriptions and double entendres, as he serenades the "bad ting" in question. Post-hook, there's an addition of more percussive elements that help fill out the texture of the rhythm, giving it a thickness I feel most other Jersey Club tracks tend to miss out on. Producer Batista does a great job keeping everything feeling fresh here, and this collaboration isn't the only time they've joined forces. Hailing from São Paulo, Batista previously produced the tracks "Fuck the Fame," and "Kickback," on Aes' most recent project, "From Brazil with Love," where Aes employed solely Brazilian producers and artists, as he sought to bring their sound to the rest of the world.

Aes' versatility is another key highlight on the track. He effortlessly flows in and out of various rhythmic pockets, switching his flow up without missing a beat, something that could be attributed to his Melodic Trap background. Although boom-bap is where he started off, this track gives off a very House-influenced feel, specifically in the production. The sonics are crisp and polished, while also feeling incredibly bouncy. It differs from other Jersey Club tracks we hear in the hip-hop space, which can often rely too heavily on the rhythm to carry the beat. I think the international influence here gives the track a leg up as well, allowing it to be more accessible than some other songs in the Jersey Club space.

Clocking in at 2 minutes and 19 seconds, Aes Vissle and Batista have crafted a track that stands on the precipice of two different genres, while also fusing them in a way that respects and appreciates its origins. It also succeeds in showcasing Aes' depth and range as an artist. If you like House, Jersey Club, or Dance, listen to this track at your earliest convenience - you'll be delighted you did so.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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