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Project Preview 5/6: Noodah05, O'Keefe, Real KJ, & Davy Snatch

Noodah05 - 5 MIN OF FAME (LP) 

Lil Baby Signee and CBFW Member Noodah05 returns this week with his next full-length mixtape, “5 MIN OF FAME”. With 13 tracks on here, Noodah explores a whole of sonic territory on this record. There are high-energy trap tracks, slower-paced vibes to get you into a soulful spirit, anthemic moments, and some introspection as well, creating quite the combination of moods and melodies here. Noodah’s hooks on here are some of the catchiest I’ve heard in a while, with some no doubt becoming earworms once they reach the rest of the world. Despite being an underground staple in Atlanta, I think the variety of this project will be the one to break Noodah05 through to the mainstream. 

If you like Lil Baby, DC The Don, or HUNXHO, add this project to your library when it drops on May 10th!

O’Keefe - I Don’t Think They Hear Me Tho (EP)

Across this 4-track EP, O’Keefe covers quite a bit of ground lyrically, with some diversity in his beat selection to match as well. There’s Trap production, UK Drill, Sample-based beats, and Plugg on here, giving O’Keefe a wide field to display his versatility on. With bars that border the line between wittiness and attention-grabbing, there is a mixed bag here that has facets for everyone to enjoy. O’Keefe doesn’t hold back on here and gets out everything that’s on his mind. Whether it’s an opinion on cancel culture, or entendres about pop culture, practically every subject gets touched on here, ensuring that listeners will have something to talk about when they’re done listening. 

If you like Trap, Drill, Plugg, or Alternative Hip-Hop, give this project a spin when it drops on May 8th!

Real KJ - Eastside (Single) 

On “Eastside,” Real KJ croons about his personal growth to the girl of his dreams, in the hopes of finally wooing her. Reflecting on the adversities he’s faced, he speaks of his persistence over trap&B-influenced production, and how it led him to the spot he’s in today. The opening vocals have a Giveon-influenced feel to it, which helps the track’s overall depth. There’s something of a familiarity between the two, and that concept of growing up with someone and eventually falling for them is something I think a lot of people can relate to out there. The track is a fun time with a calm subject matter, making for an overall great release. 

If you like Bryson Tiller, PnB Rock, or Melodic Trap, make sure you tune into this song when it drops on May 8th!

Davy Snatch - Groupie Flow (Single) 

Starting off with a soft key melody before layers of synths and a bassline are added to the mix, Davy Snatch’s Groupie Flow is a smooth listen that holds a catchy groove and hook, and some witty bars within its 3-minute runtime. Davy plays up and down with the speed of his flow, adapting as he sees fit to match the evolving loop underneath his lyrics. The production is super clean, with some interesting musical ideas, specifically in the contrast between all of the different elements at play here. Managing to feel airy and heavy at the same time, I really like what Davy Snatch has put together here. 

If you like Trap or anything under the Alternative Hip-Hop umbrella, give this track a listen when it drops on May 10th!

If you would like to have your own upcoming, unreleased music featured in a future edition of Project Preview, fill out this form to submit your work for consideration, and we'll be in touch!

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