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Project Preview: One Shot: A.B. Slater

A.B. Slater - Sweet Dreams (Single)

In the gritty underground of hip-hop, innovation often emerges from unexpected corners, and A.B. Slater is shaking things up with his latest track, "Sweet Dreams." What sets this rising rapper apart from the rest of the crowd, is his bold decision to rhyme over the iconic beat from Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams.” A track that had the world grooving back in '09. Slater's take on the classic instrumental is nothing short of audacious, as he lays down verses that confidently weave a narrative of a modern-day charmer. while also incorporating some Spanglish into the mix.

A.B’s rendition of "Sweet Dreams" is a quality blend of old-school charm and contemporary grit. He seamlessly molds the familiar beat to his own cadence and story, allowing his verses to paint a vivid picture of a character navigating the complexities of love. The fusion of Spanglish adds a unique flavor to the track, giving it an authentic touch that resonates with listeners on multiple levels. Despite its unconventional approach, "Sweet Dreams" is an undeniable bop, proving that sometimes, the unexpected can be just what we need to keep the dreams sweet and the vibes fresh. A.B. Slater is one to watch, as he fearlessly charts his own path through the musical landscape.

If you like Pop, or Alternative Hip-Hop, then this is the track for you to check out when it drops on August 25th. No need for a snippet this week, since A.B.'s got the music video out now before the single release on streaming!

If you are an artist (or manage one) and would like to have your upcoming, unreleased music featured on a future edition of Project Preview, submit your music here, and we'll get back to you!

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