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Project Preview 4/1: Buddha Mei, TheyWantNick, Journeys Ville, & SpinCity Chris

Buddha Mei - Churning Goh (ft. James Steinman-Gordon) (single)

A dip into the realm of the avant-garde, this track from multi-hyphenate creative Buddha Mei is sung entirely in Cantonese, over a beat rife with influences from afro-latin music, dance music, and even musical theater. Although I can’t understand what Mei is saying, the strength of her delivery still conveys the emotion behind her words. In an almost hauntingly beautiful way, Mei’s vocal riffs blend seamlessly over the growing percussive elements underneath them. From bongos to windchimes, to synthy-strings and dreamy keys, the Victor Andre produced track excels in its accessibility, helping make this a track anyone can like.

If you’re a fan of the track’s various influences, give it a listen when it drops on April 7th. But if you want more Buddha Mei, check out her short film “MEIDULOOK” in the meantime.

TheyWantNick - Need Your Love (Single) 

An autotune-heavy track mixed with Latin and R&B influences, “Need Your Love” sees artist TheyWantNick croon through the first half of the track on a reggaeton-lite beat =, giving the first half a tropical, summery feel to it. On the latter half, it turns into a moody, dark R&B track before fading off with another hint of that Latin drum pattern found in the beginning. Nick needs this person’s love, and effortlessly conveys it through the additive effects on his vocals. 

If you like Reggaeton, or R&B, give this track a listen when it drops on April 9th. Pre-save it here!

Journeys Ville - KEEPITSIMPLE FREESTYLE (Single) 

A smooth and calm R&B groove is at the center of this track from Journeys Ville. Joined by IllumiNatefrmmck, this is another short track in the vein of Journeys Ville’s last submission. Although I enjoy the added feature on the track, it certainly helps flesh it out more than the previous release. An infectious rhythm supporting the song’s backbone, I found myself playing it on repeat several times, and I think there’s a chance you might as well. 

If you like Brent Faiyaz, or other R&B artists in that realm, this track should be up your alley. Check it out when it drops on April 3rd!

SpinCity Chris - West Indian Dreams (Visual) 

West Indian Dreams was originally featured here as a Single before it dropped last year, so it’s only fitting that the music video also makes an appearance. Starting at an airport, the video follows Chris on a literal journey from baggage claim in JFK, all the way to Little Guyana in Queens, where he grabs some homemade Guyanese food. With intermittent cutaways of the GT Boy performing his track in front of a flurry of cash and passing planes, the visuals here can also be interpreted as a representation of his own experiences, coming to New York from Guyana, and finding a home and familiar community here. 

Listen to the track here, and check out the music video when it drops on April 4th!

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