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Monday Music Analysis: Zaik, Joyner Lucas, Yus Gz, Sha Ek, Blxst & NBA YoungBoy

3/5 Stars

This song isn’t very rememberable. Expected a lot more from Yvngchris energy seemed very low & didn’t match Zaik's energy. Zai1k's energy was great this song was good enough to be a single. When picking features gotta be more selective moving forward but the visuals were a 10 / 10! The song could have been a bit slinger also. Nowadays songs are so short so it was cool for what it was.


This song was way more commercial for Joyner Lucas. Joyner's music is more shock value music but this record has a vibe to it. Future always does what he does but it looked natural. The visuals still had the Joyner aesthetic but a splash of future vibes with the girls in the trap. All in All definitely a 4. Future's part could have been longer but for what it was it was good!


The first song off the album “ Don’t try this at Home “ Nba Youngboy always does this thing! NBA Youngboy always switches the flow throughout so it's always a refreshing listen. Nicki Minaj on the follow-up with the singing and the punchlines! Absolute hit, I feel sonically they found their balance when collaborating and they respect each other's craft so it makes the music ten times better.


We don’t give enough credit to the videographers. This video is great! Yus Gz videos are always different so I’m not surprised. Yus Gz has a niche sound it's not for everyone but he definitely curated it. If it ain't broke don’t fix it Yus seems very comfortable in his sound and style which is great and his beats always have a bop to them but definitely this year expecting more creativity from Yus Gz. Hopefully, he pushes himself this year but this song is still a banger!


It's been so long since we heard B Love & Sha EK but they defiantly still got it. Seems like they are bridging the gap from the younger homies to them and it seemed to work for this record. The sample helped a lot but it wasn't needed. The energy is on ten in everyone so it makes it flow effortlessly. The visuals were basic but they brought us back to their come up so it served its purpose.


It's been a while since we heard Roddy rich and this was well needed. The visuals give real LA laid-back vibes. Roddy Rich didn’t lose it at all he came through with the energy, flows, and bars. Blxst always kills it. I love that Blxst let Roddy Rich have the hook. I wish the song was a little longer but it's still great as is

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