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Monday Music Analysis: Fergie Baby, Lola Brooke, Kyle Rich & Sdot Go

4/5 Stars

Fresh off the success of his viral hit, “Suburbans.” Fergie Baby follows up with a Dusty Locane-supported track on a Jersey Club-inspired beat produced by Kajun Waters. Jeremih’s classic hit, “Birthday Sex,” is sampled heavily, but tastefully. While central to the hook, Kajun Waters’ production adds a distinct flavor to the track. Fergie’s versatility is one of his best abilities, allowing him to seamlessly glide over different subgenres and sounds. Dusty Locane’s signature raspy voice complements Fergie’s smoother vocals, and the rhythmic differences in their flows ironically add to the song’s sonic variety. On this “Brooklyn-Harlem link up,” (as said by Dusty in the track’s opening seconds), Fergie Baby and Dusty Locane join forces with Kajun Waters to drop a fun and bouncy track, which is sure to pop off at the next birthday function, or even help with your pump at the gym.

4/5 Stars

Lola Brooke’s breakout hit was released in 2021, but recently went viral in the latter half of 2022 and has since been on replay in the club rotation, radio play, and streaming playlists alike. While Lola appeared on the remix of Flo Milli’s track “conceited,” earlier in the year, she’s back with a remix of her own. Not to mention, she’s got some heavyweight company with her. Joining Lola are Latto and Yung Miami, making for a star-studded effort on the official remix. Though Billy B is noticeably missing from this version, Latto, and Yung Miami fill the shoes perfectly fine. Latto flows like butter over a dark and grimy beat, and Yung Miami’s punchline-heavy appearance makes for a good laugh and catchy listen. Though the song has been making the rounds for quite a while now, the remix certainly gives it the breath of fresh air we’re looking for. Though the remix can’t help but feel a bit late in the song’s life cycle, I’m definitely looking forward to the next single release from Lola Brooke.

4/5 Stars

The most prominent members of the 41 crew have dropped a song that, sonically, strays far away from the Drill tracks we know them for. On a multi-layered dance-inspired beat, Kyle Richh and Jenn Carter maintain their loud and shouty flows but it works surprisingly well. The heightened tones in their delivery help add to the chaotic atmosphere of the track, which is already surprisingly bouncy. Considering all of the different elements in the track, it’s probably one of their more sonically diverse tracks and a welcome foray outside of the realm of Drill music. I mentioned earlier in the year that Kyle Richh would slide over a Bandmanrill-type beat, and this feels like a perfect proof of concept for what I was talking about. This track is rewarding, specifically after multiple listens, where it feels like you’re managing to find another interesting or specific aspect each time. The Brooklyn duo have dropped a convincing hit, and I'm eager to see how the reception is from the public when this song gets played at an event or the club.

3/5 Stars

A proper mix of Drill and Jersey Club, the foursome on this track don’t bring a whole lot to the table individually, across the barely-two minute track, but they shine as an ensemble over a beat that isn’t too complex but is fun nonetheless. Although the “batman voice” criticism about Bronx Drill has existed since its inception, recent comments from Remy Ma and Danny Brown, respectively, have brought the uniquely-Bronx feature back into the spotlight. While I cannot say that I am the biggest fan of it, It certainly adds to the atmosphere of tracks that are typically (sonically) dark in content. When practically every artist on the song employs that voice, though, it loses its novelty and becomes rather tacky. Regardless, the song is still a decent listen, and a nice filler track for your party playlist.

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