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Monday Music Analysis: A Boogie, Murda B , Rowdy Rebel & Rich Amiri

“Secrets (feat. Mariah The Scientist)” - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

4 / 5 Stars

Although the track made its debut on his 2020 album “Artist 2.0 (Deluxe),” A Boogie enlists the help of Mariah The Scientist for the remix. The original track is easily one of A Boogie’s best tracks to date, with a smooth melody and booming rhythm drums that complement the overall composition. Including Mariah this time around gives the track a greater emotional weight. Her addition to the track makes me wish it was more of a duet, but nonetheless it gives the track more of an R&B feel than that of a Melodic Trap one. Thanks to its hypnotizing piano loop, the remix remains as catchy as the original. If you’re looking for a soft song to listen to with your significant other, or a relatable track if you’re riding with your sneaky link, look no further!

“Poppin (feat. Lil Tecca)” - Rich Amiri

4 / 5 Stars

With a recent surge in his popularity, Rich Amiri seeks to keep the hype train rolling with this Lil Tecca assisted track. Heavy 808’s and airy-feeling synth make up most of the track’s composition. It’s got a bouncy feel, making it perfect for a party if you’re looking to liven things up a bit. There’s enough instrumental variation to keep your ears interested, not to mention Rich Amiri’s catchy flow and hook. His bars about spending money and breaking girls' hearts are a thematic contrast from the beat, but that’s what makes the whole thing that much more appealing. The music may sound rather happy, but analyzing the lyrics will give you a different story. Regardless, the duo has produced a solid track with a vibrant soundscape that’s sure to keep the energy flowing.

“6 Years in Hell,” - Rowdy Rebel

4 / 5 Stars

Rowdy Rebel puts his storytelling abilities on full display and takes us through a tumultuous period in his life, Beginning by describing the events that landed him behind bars in the first place, Rowdy then transitions into all he experienced and endured during his time in prison. The mention of moments like “trapping behind the wall” help bring a nuanced perspective on one’s time imprisoned. Reflecting on the lifestyle that led him there and the trauma he experienced growing up in a rough neighborhood, Rowdy’s introspective lyrics lend to a surprisingly emotional track. This is the kind of track that I feel like people have been waiting for from Rowdy. While he’s been fairly active in dropping music since he’s been out, this track has the depth the rest of his material has been missing. Six years in prison is a long time, and Rowdy certainly makes you feel the pain that comes with the sentence.

“SPIN SPIN!!” - Murda B

4 / 5 Stars

Regardless of how you may feel about Murda B, you cannot deny that she certainly knows how to get people talking. She hasn’t been around for long, but the impact she’s had on the female New York Drill scene is something to be talked about. The track is barely under two minutes but emanates the raucous energy associated with some of the best Drill tracks. Since getting signed, there’s been a noticeable upgrade in the polishing of her sound. Her hooks are incredibly catchy across her limited discography, and this one is no exception. Yet another track where she warns the opposition not to play with her, the track is a welcome addition to her library. Though I would like to see Murda B expand her sound beyond Drill, I’ll be eager to see what her next track entails.

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