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Zeddy Will & DJ Smallz 732 + 2Rare + Kenzo B - “Freak You” Remix

Young prodigy Zeddy Will made waves with his single "Freak You" in collaboration with DJ Smallz 732, which was released back in July. The track has since gained recognition, even making its way onto the Billboard charts. Notably, the song has also caught the attention of some megastars, with North West, Kim Kardashian, and Coi Leray among the 700 TikTok users who've generated videos featuring the catchy tune. Now, Zeddy is taking things up a notch by teaming up with 2Rare and Kenzo B for the official remix.

The accompanying music video, directed by Matt Coole, offers viewers a cinematic experience. It opens with a glimpse of Zeddy visiting his girlfriend's home and engaging in a humorous conversation with her grandfather about his colorful past. As Zeddy and his girlfriend find themselves alone in the living room, they settle down to watch TV, and that's when 2Rare and Kenzo B make their vibrant entrance to the video. The trio, comprised of Zeddy, Kenzo B, and 2Rare, takes center stage, delivering energetic verses that perfectly match the song's provocative title, "Freak You."

Adding to his list of recent accomplishments, Zeddy Will had the privilege of performing at Howard University's homecoming event in Washington DC. The remix of "You" is now available on all major platforms, allowing fans to enjoy this fresh take on a hit track. For more updates and insights into the artists involved, make sure to follow them on Instagram: @thezeddywill, @djsmallz732, @2raree, and @__kenzob.

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