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Gervonta Davis discovers Philly Artist The Vybe preliminary to his BET Jams premiere of ‘Find Love’

The Vybe is quickly gaining more appeal with every release.

Fans of The Vybe can expect to see his latest single, "Find Love," premiere on BET Jams on April 26th, 2024. The track has already been generating buzz since its release a couple of weeks ago. 

In addition to his musical success, The Vybe has caught the attention of World Champion Boxer Gervonta Davis, also known as ‘Tank’, who recently posted himself on his Instagram story dancing to The Vybe's song, 'Come Thru'. The clip quickly gained traction and was posted on Worldstar, hitting 1 million views in less than an hour, and later The Shade Room, further solidifying The Vybe's growing popularity and reach.

Gervonta Davis, with an impressive record of 26 wins and 0 losses, is a two-time super featherweight world champion and a current lightweight champion. Known for his knockout power and exciting fighting style, Davis has quickly become one of the most exciting boxers in the sport today. His support of The Vybe further emphasizes the artist's growing presence in the music industry.

The Vybe’s Come Thru, released summer 2022, has a Philly drill twist to it, while sampling Summer Walker and Usher’s rendition of Usher’s original song ‘You Make Me Wanna’, also named ‘Come Thru’. ‘You Make Me Wanna’ debuted on Usher’s first project My Way and has continued its popularity throughout the decades subsequent to the project's release in 1997.

"Find Love" is set to premiere on Vevo at 11:15 am on April 26th, giving fans the opportunity to experience The Vybe's captivating vocals and soulful lyrics. Be sure to tune in to BET Jams to catch the premiere and witness the magic of The Vybe's latest single.

For more information on The Vybe and his music, visit his YouTube channel to watch "Find Love" and discover why this talented artist is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry. Click here to watch the premiere.

Check out The Vybe’s full project, For Those Who Matter.

About BET Jams

BET Jams is a cable television network that focuses on playing music videos from various hip-hop and rap artists. The channel is dedicated to showcasing the newest and hottest music videos in the hip-hop genre. BET Jams also features exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and special music programming.

About The Vybe

The Vybe, born and raised in Philadelphia, is a 22-year-old multifaceted artist making waves in the music industry. Starting his journey at a young age, he began experimenting with rap and freestyle over SoundCloud beats at just 10 years old. Influenced by artists like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Drake, The Vybe combines singing, rapping, and dancing in his music, creating a unique sound.

In 2023, The Vybe gained recognition with his hit single "Intuition," leading to collaborations with artists like Rowdy Rebel. With dreams of working with Drake, Justin Bieber, and Teyana Taylor, he is determined to leave his mark on the global stage. Beyond music, The Vybe excels in basketball, football, visual arts, and dance, showcasing his creativity through various mediums.

As he continues to climb the charts and mesmerize audiences worldwide, The Vybe remains dedicated to creating music that resonates with listeners from all walks of life. Watch out for this rising star as he elevates his career and makes a lasting impact on the music industry.

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