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Y’all Asian Doll is back at it again! 😩

For those of you who didn’t catch tea earlier this month, Asian Doll posted a tweet reiterating the viral phrase “what’s up baby, take me out to dinner.”

In her rendition, she calls out The Tampa bay-wide receiver, Antonio Brown.

In a podcast interview with The Texas Talk, Brown was asked about the rappers advances.

He quickly deflected the conversation by saying “I don’t know about no dolls, don’t ruin my segment with no girls right now” he continues by adding “ladies I’m taken relax, I’m on reserve right now, I got a lot more things than women so let’s get that clear.”

He completely denies knowing Asian Doll, which is odd because Asian Doll insists he and her talk all the time.

Though many of us sympathized with Asian Doll and felt his response was rather arrogant and corny, we still couldn’t help but feel the second-hand embarrassment from her getting denied. Not even 2 weeks later, Asian Doll was back on Twitter, being made a mockery of, by her own tweets. This time she was sharing with us her encounter with fivio foreign. In a post, She tweeted “I had my ski mask on at the bowling alley, fivio gonna say take that shit off and show that pretty face we wanna see that shit.” Fivio quickly retweeted her post with the caption “Wtf... what type of lie is dat.” In a separate post, he adds

“She da homie for sure... but I gotta gurl.. you know I ain’t moving like dat.”

Asian doll immediately came to her own defense by tweeting: “You know you my boy @fivioforeign and I was high asfuck 😂😂😂 you know my body and I love yo bitch” I’m pretty sure she meant no harm by what she said, but the blogs, Twitter and Instagram users, wasted no time eating her up. One Instagram user, wrote, “she literally takes the most random Ls, Brings it on herself every time.”

Another chimed in and said “Her and Akbar just need to get off Twitter”

Leave it to the people, she’s attention-seeking, but honestly, if you ask me, I think she is just being herself, bold and confident.

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