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TheLetOut Slides Through With New Single "Got It"

Reading, PA is a small town right outside of Philadelphia, and its very seldom the airwaves get exposed to the talent sitting right in the vicinity -- but rising artist TheLetOut is a great example of why smaller towns should never be overlooked, as he bubbles with genuine talent and passion. He recently released his latest single titled "Got It" which is now available across all digital streaming platforms, and since it's release, supporters have definitely been excited to listen. A follow up to his first two tracks "Sponsor" and "Unconditional", "Got It" is yet another example of what TheLetOut brings to the table.

As a fresh new face in the industry, his discography only dates back to 2022, but the talent speaks for itself. A songwriter at heart as well, TheLetOut has been utilizing the multitude of his skills when it comes to creating music, and the efficiency is hard to miss. "Got It" is a sultry, creatively sought track, and encourages its listeners to visualize as much as they hear. Ready to take over the airwaves and grow his audience, TheLetOut is on to something big. Make sure you listen to "Got It" below, here on TalkOfTheTown.

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