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Sugarhill DDot Links With Luh Tyler For Miami-Inspired Summer Single and Video - "3AM In The Yams"

Harlem's rising star, Sugarhill Ddot, teams up with Tallahassee's emerging talent, Luh Tyler, for the scorching new single "3AM In the Yams," available via Priority Records. This dynamic duo brings together the essence of New York and Florida, creating a summer anthem that moves at a rapid drill pace. The song transforms Miami's usually laid-back party vibe into an electric setting. Accompanied by a lively and carefree music video directed by Rari Digital and Gerard Victor, "3AM In the Yams" captures the essence of a celebratory night in Miami.

Produced by Ndup and Ayyolucas, the song was recorded during Ddot's trip to Miami when he was requested by Drake to model for his Nocta line. It was during this trip that Ddot crossed paths with Luh Tyler, and together, they created the infectious track. The accompanying pastel-colored music video showcases the teenagers shopping for kicks, playing video games, and hosting a lively pool party. The song also samples the 2010 classic "Moment 4 Life" by Nicki Minaj and Drake.

For Ddot, "3AM In The Yams" is a tribute to his unforgettable first time in Miami, drawing inspiration from the city's vibrant nightlife. The song carries a personal touch as he reflects on meeting 21 Savage and Drake at a bowling alley, an encounter that solidified his belief in himself, especially with Drake's support.

In a relatively short time, Ddot has emerged as one of the most compelling talents in hip-hop. He honed his craft for nearly two years, starting at the young age of 13, and quickly gained recognition in New York's flourishing drill scene. His self-released tracks, such as "I Wanna Love You," "Dream," and "The Real Purge," have collectively amassed over 10 million views on YouTube, demonstrating the significant impact he's having on the culture. The recent hit, "Let Ha Go," released in April, is rapidly approaching 7 million views, solidifying Ddot's position as an unstoppable force in the industry.


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