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Spottie Wifi Links With DJ Mal-Ski For A West Coast Bop In “Do You Get It”

Months after dropping his highly acclaimed album, "The King's Alpha," Cryptopunk rapper Spottie Wifi returns with a thought-provoking new single titled "Do You Get It." Teaming up with LA's own DJ Mal-Ski, the track is set to a West Coast beat and serves as a reflection on Spottie's dedication and determination to achieve greatness.

The song's opening verse sees Spottie Wifi confidently asserting his uniqueness and appreciating the time spent collaborating with Mal-Ski in the vibrant atmosphere of Venice Beach. But as the beat flips, so does the lyrical content. Spottie delves into the world of cryptocurrency, skillfully incorporating references and rhymes about getting his finances in order and building both his digital and physical presence.

DJ Mal-Ski, a prominent figure in the City of Angels, is no stranger to the music scene, having spun records for renowned entities such as the LA Sparks, USC Athletics, and the Pac-12 division. The music video for "Do You Get It," directed by Will C and Tana, showcases Spottie and Mal-Ski cruising around Venice Beach on bikes while rapping against the backdrop of captivating street art.

With this latest release, Spottie Wifi showcases his lyrical prowess and artistic versatility, leaving listeners pondering the depths of his ambition and the road ahead for this talented Cryptopunk artist. As the momentum continues to build, it's evident that Spottie is destined for even greater things on his musical journey.

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