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Sekhi Releases Latest Single "Liar"

Emerging Philadelphia, PA artist Sekhi is aiming to be a breath of fresh air from such a fast-paced and gritty environment, recently releasing his latest single “Liar” back on March 17. The new track is now ready for plays among all digital streaming platforms, and follows up his previous single release called "Paris". It's safe to say that Sekhi falls more so under the umbrella of RNB, with hints of hip-hop and pop when necessary. "Liar" is a great example of his overall sound, and he is definitely creating his staple as a rising aritst from the north.

Last year, Sekhi debuted with is first album, SEKHI Radio. Since then, releases like "Paris" and "Liar" have been holding Sekhi supporters over while they await a new body of work to enjoy. As he preps for a summer full of new content and promotion, Sekhi is bound to end 2023 with much more progress. For those just learning about the Philadelphia native, be sure to stream "Liar" below:

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