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Project Preview: XL Edition

Law & 2K Baby - Wawa (You And Me) (Single)

Coming off the heels of viral hits “Switch It Up,” “Buss It Down,”and “Act Like You Know,” Law and 2KBaby join forces for a calm-and-quaint, Trap’nB hit. Named after one of the best convenience chains on this side of the country, the lyrics are framed as two people who meet by chance at a Wawa, with an immediate infatuation at play. Law and 2K exchange croons and riffs over a suave beat that easily cruises through your headphones, thanks to its polished production. Though brief, their harmonies are amazing, and one of my favorite parts of the track. With this track, Law winds down the “Summer of Law” tear she’s been on since July, leaving us to wonder if there’s an “Autumn of Law” on the way as well.

If you are a fan of Alternative R&B, or Melodic Trap, then you’ve got to add this track to your favorite playlist when it drops on September 15th! Check out the snippet above for a sneak peek, and pre-save it here!


On this 7-track EP, Heath240 encompasses a variety of sounds and feelings. There’s a host of instrumentation on this project, which is a welcome addition to the different flows and styles that Heath240 undertakes across these 7 songs. With flashes of artists like Jean Dawson and Omar Apollo, Heath is able to seamlessly blend these sounds together for a memorable journey. The guitar melodies on here are great, constantly enhancing the musical ideas at play on each track. Be it a somber ballad, or an upbeat proclamation of one’s fascination with their crush, it helps the project thread the line between R&B and Alternative Hip-Hop, all while Heath’s pain and passion bare it all in his vocals. Considering the progression of music as of late, this is the kind of sound I see becoming more and more prominent. I am eagerly awaiting to see what Heath drops next, and so should you!

If you are a fan of Alternative Music, then this is right up your alley. Check it out when it drops on September 15th, and listen to the snippet above for a Preview.

SpinCity Chris - West Indian Dreams (prod. By Max Morioh) (Single)

Seamlessly blending elements of Dancehall and Hip-Hop into one bass-heavy bop, the rapper-producer duo of SpinCity Chris and Max Morioh are back with another groovy hit. Chris weaves in-between melodic flows as the beat switches back and forth, between more traditional sounds and experimental rhythmic riffs. The switch ups here, as with their last track, are some of the best moments on here. Switching up the vibe with every other verse, with the last portion sounding like a straight-up Trap beat, Chris’ versatility shines through his ability to seamlessly flow over each portion. Max’s efforts are to be praised as well, as he continues to craft fusion hits.

If you are a fan of Dancehall, Alternative Hip-Hop, or Trap, be sure to tune into this track when it drops on September 15th! Check out the snippet above for a sneak peek as well.

B.Morgan - What You Want (ft. SNS) (Single)

(A guest contribution by Craig Martin)

B. Morgan's latest single is an electrifying musical experience that pays homage to a classic. With its clever sampling of DMX ft. Sisqo's “What These B*%^*es Want,” this track immediately grabs your attention. Skillfully reimagining the original, while also infusing it with his unique style and his ability to blend the classic with a fresh flair, B. Morgan sets the stage for an exciting musical journey. SNS's contribution to the track is equally noteworthy. His approach mirrors that of DMX, sounding off with a Rolodex of women and unleashing the inner freak within them. This seamless connection to the original theme adds depth and authenticity to 'What You Want.'

If you are a fan of R&B and a true fan of sample recreations, ‘What You Want’ by B Morgan is definitely a song you should be ready to add to your playlist when the song releases on September 12th.

Vina Love - Catch A Vibe (Single)

Carried by a softly-plucked acoustic guitar, and a Caribbean-inspired drum beat, Vina Love returns to Project Preview with another hit on her hands. Singing about the prospect of reconnecting with a former lover and fanning an old flame, her soft, airy tone fits perfectly with the track’s mellow percussive elements, as well the delicate strums of the guitar that serves as the backbone of its melody. The layering of Vina’s vocals is always a highlight of her tracks, as she effortlessly harmonizes with herself while also adding to the track’s sonic breadth. The final product is a follow-up that shares enough similarities to her previous record, yet remaining different enough to make itself an intriguing and entertaining follow up, all while wondering what’s in store next.

If you are a fan of R&B, this track is what you want to add to your playlist when it drops on September 12th! Check out the snippet above for a sneak peek, and pre-save the track here!

NayXXL - Accordingly (Visual)

Brooklyn Rapper NayXXL brings the heat with the visual for her latest track, “Accordingly.” Featuring various shots of her and the crew playing basketball and turning up, Nay’s track is actually a Melodic Trap tune that talks about realizing you are cut from a different cloth and what follows after. Between “friends” that switch up on you, and people around you not taking you seriously, Nay brings some real-life situations into the mix and helps imbue the authenticity we crave in hip-hop lyrics. A smooth tune that comes and goes pretty quickly, the visual aspect is loaded with wild transitions and some striking visual effects. Nay definitely has one on her hands with this track, and I’m excited to see what directions he goes in next.

If you’re a fan of Melodic Trap you should watch the music video for this track when it drops on September 15th, and catch a small snippet above!

SymbaSyd - Backseat (ft. Destiné & Richland Ave)

Utilizing the same vocal sample from Travis Scott’s “GOD’S COUNTRY,” SymbaSyd brings Destiné and Richland Ave along for the ride on a track that feels primed to be a club hit. The rhythmic throughline is a hard-hitting drum beat that maintains the bounce throughout. SymbaSyd comes through with some bars and a hook in the first half before giving way to Richland Ave, who kills his verse in the short time he’s on the track. SymbaSyd comes back around before Destiné enters the fold and unleashes an impressive flurry of bars, which completely elevates the record’s energy. The result is a track that’s got a lot of flavor to it, thanks to each artist’s unique contribution to it.

If you are a fan of Trap, then you’ve absolutely got to hit play when this track drops on September 15th. Be sure to check out the snippet above for a sneak peek to hold you over until Friday!

Thank you for tuning in! If you are an artist (or manage one) and would like to have your own upcoming, unreleased music featured on a future edition of Project Preview, use this link to submit your music for consideration and we'll reach out to you!

See you next week!

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