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Project Preview: Milani Bandz & Taz Brickz

Milani Bandz - Barbie Vibez (Single)

Milani Bandz dives into the sultry depths of Bronx Drill with her latest single, "Barbie Vibez," delivering a seductive and unapologetic track that's both a celebration of opulence and a declaration of her status as "The Hood Barbie." Over a Drill beat that oozes with irresistible swagger, Milani effortlessly blends her explicit lyrics with braggadocious bars, creating a short-but-sweet track that's impossible to ignore. With its catchy hooks and infectious energy, "Barbie Vibez" is set to be a guilty pleasure for many, capturing the essence of the sexy drill subgenre while embracing the cultural zeitgeist of the "Barbie" phenomenon. Get ready to vibe along with Milani as she confidently carves her place in the ever-evolving landscape of Bronx Drill.

If you're a fan of Sexy Drill (a la Ice Spice), then this is most likely up your lane. Be sure to check it out when it drops on September 15th, and give the snippet above a listen!

Taz Bricks - Affiliated By Association (LP)

"Affiliated by Association" is the latest full-length mixtape from rising New Jersey star, Taz Bricks, and absolutely commands your attention. With a dynamic lineup of 12 tracks, each featuring a different artist, Taz navigates the vast terrain of hip-hop's subgenres with impressive consistency and confidence. Her lyrical prowess shines throughout the tape, effortlessly adapting to each collaborator's style. From gritty street anthems to melodic trap-infused bangers, Taz proves her versatility as a rapper. With its diverse soundscape and Taz Bricks' undeniable talent, and a hefty supporting lineup, "Affiliated by Association" is poised to be one to look out for.

If you're a fan of Drill, Boom-Bap, and/or Melodic Trap, give this record a spin when it drops on September 11th. Check out the snippet above for a preview of my favorite track on the project, "One Way ft. Legend".

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