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Project Preview: One Shot: LifeofThom

LifeofThom - 85 (Visual)

After dropping his debut EP, “ROOM 44” at the tail end of last year, LifeofThom is back with his latest track, “85.” The music video that accompanies the track is one of the more creative feats I’ve seen in a while, with shots that make your head spin. For a majority of the video, Thom is only visible through the reflections of a couple different mirrors, a visual allegory that pairs perfectly with the lyrics of the song the video represents. The creative direction here is top notch, with shots that are elaborately executed but don’t require an insane budget or overcomplicated equipment either. The low-budget, DIY nature of the video adds to the sonic charm that is invoked by its jazzy loop. With easy keys forming the backbone of the beat, it almost sounds like taking a step through time. Thom’s emphatic performance is (energetically) the opposite of how the beat sounds, thought that energy begins to ramp down as the track reaches its end, leaving a melancholy-looking Thom all we see in the final reflection. Cutting to the same view we had of Thom when the video opened, he walks back to the car, sits in the passenger seat, and returns to pondering out the window while the camera fades to black. When the video returns to the beginning, it practically forms a loop, as we see Thom walk out of the car and gear up to perform. With the various layers here, the video is truly a work of art, and a great way to return after a stellar debut EP. 

If Boom-Bap is your lane, check this video and track out when it drops at MIDNIGHT. Pre-save it here too. 

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