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Project Preview - Benjamin Splash, Pludoe

Benjamin Splash - Life Is A Movie (Single)

On this short-but-sweet track, Benjamin Splash floats over a kick-heavy beat with a smooth and braggadocious flow. Talking about the fast-paced life he lives and thrives in, as he plans to make his way towards the top. The beat is my favorite part about the track, thanks to the booming kick drums that serve as the track’s central rhythm. Assisted by a sample I couldn’t identify, it lends to the illustrious atmosphere that Splash is depicting in his track. The production is as minimal as it is effective, in the sense that it isn’t overtly complex. The song revels in its simplicity, and that’s one of the best parts.

If you’re a fan of Trap, and Alternative Hip-Hop, I highly recommend downloading this track when it drops on all DSP’s on June 26th!

Pludoee - ABC ft. Sid Wells (Single)

Icy synth-keys open up this track from New York Rapper Pludoee, while an assortment of drum and other percussive elements flesh out the track’s soundscape. Pludoee talks about how easy it is to fall for the “tom girl with a face card” he’s got his eyes on. As easy as “ABC,123,” the track’s sound is refreshing, as it incorporates influences from Dance Music into an otherwise Hip-Hop track. Pludoee’s melodic flow is enhanced by the guest verse from Sid Wells, whose own melodies blend perfectly with his. The result is a soft-yet-soothing Melodic Trap song with an infectious rhythm.

If you’re a fan of Melodic Trap, and R&B, then this track is a surefire addition to your playlist when it drops on July 1st

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