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Project Preview 4/9: Khmeii/Konnectdat, SabaThaGod/Mali Smith, Majesti, & Awxvey

Khmeii, KonnectDat - What a Life Remix (Single) 

Though the original track was released three months ago, New York Producer KonnectDat injects the single with his own flare for an official remix. Taking the remix portion of the name very seriously, this version ditches the Jersey Club bassline the original beat is built around and slows down (most of) Artist Khmeii’s flow as well. The result is a new, trap-ified version of the track with some heavy-hitting 808’s, and the incorporation of a steel drum that sounds like it was ripped straight out of the Carribean. This interesting combination makes a dope record that elevates the source, while standing firmly on its own.  

If you liked the original, or are a fan of Trap, check out this track when it drops on April 12th!

SabaThaGod - ETC ft. Mali Smith (Single)

New Jersey artist SabaThaGod enlists the help of MHPG Sound’s Mali Smith for this eclectic Jersey Club banger. Mali Smith starts the track off with the hook, before making way for Saba to come through with some bars of his own. Leaning heavily on the Jersey Club bassline, the instrumental still maintains some exciting elements that keep this take on the genre relatively fresh - something that has been difficult to do lately with the sound becoming increasingly saturated. The instrumental’s background is sprinkled with glittery synths, which help enhance the electronic feel the rest of the track exudes. 

If you’re a fan of Jersey Club, check this track out when it drops on April 12th. 

Majesti - Sandy Cheeks (Single) 

Taking its name from the Spongebob character, and utilizing a sample from its theme song, New York Artist Majesti strives to keep Drill alive with this track. Filled with double entendres and various references to the source material, this track differs from most other Drill tracks in that it is not overtly violent. Taking a page from the playbooks of Ice Spice and, more recently, The Slizzies, Majesti opts to rap about a myriad of other things over the sliding 808s and furious hi-hats that serve as the backbone of many a Drill song. I think this kind of route is crucial for Drill to continue thriving in NYC, in spite of the authoritative powers that seek to paint it as the sole cause of violence in the inner-city. 

If you enjoy Drill music, add this track to your playlist when it drops on April 12th. 

Awxvey - My Whole Life (Single) 

Sampling Ginuewine’s classic hit “Differences,” by way of Pop Smoke’s sampling of it via his posthumous hit “What You Know Bout Love,” Awxvey puts his pain into this version of the sample. Utilizing the Jersey Club pattern on the back half to give the track an added bounce, Awxvey rapidly fires off his rhymes, letting the instrumental breathe if only for a few moments. The result is a quick and energetic track that sounds like a stream of consciousness, while its sonic range sits on the border between Jersey Club and Sample Drill. 

If you like either of the aforementioned genres, listen to this track when it drops on April 15th. 

If you would like your upcoming, unreleased music featured on a future edition of Project Preview, please complete this submission form, and we'll be in touch. See you next week!

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