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Music Monday Analysis

As Talk of the Town excels in the underground world, artists will one day become mainstream and so on. I will be starting a new segment called “Monday Music Analysis“ where I will analyze projects that dropped and giving my opinion. The projects that were on my radar were Fivio Foreign " B.I.B.L.E " , Coi Leray " Trendsetter " Latto " 777 " & B Lovee " Misunderstood" . I’ll be rating each project 1-5 stars with an explanation, as well as listing my favorites on each project. Check out what I thought and let us know what you think..

" B.I.B.L.E "


Fivio has definitely found his pocket. I was not a fan of Fivio calling this project “ Bible “ but all religiousness aside this project exceeded expectations. The layout was was put together It takes us through different walks of Fivio's Life and Career overall. Being from Brooklyn and knowing Fivio’s story it's more than relatable and even though I'm shocked none of the people he signed made the cut on his project, the features was well put together. Things are looking good for Fivio and NYC overall at the moment

Coey P. Favorites

" What's my Name " ft. Queen Naija & Coi Leray

This track was better than I expected although it was leaked a while back the wait for this one was well needed. Queen Naija always delivers but it was super dope to hear her & Fivio together.

“ Through the fire “ ft Quavo

The intro through me off a bit but this is one of them tracks where you can feel Fivio story and really understand him as a person.

“ Hello “ ft Chloe & KayCyy



Coi Leray is such an interesting artist because you never know what to expect from her. It could go really really right or really really left. This project “ Trendsetter “ is 4.5 stars simple because it has all different vibes from serious to personal to fun and catchy. Something that would have made this project a 5 star is the roll out on how it was promoted to the media. Coi Leray is always in the media for the good bad and ugly, It seems as if the team could have spent more time delivering to the consumers. Coi Leray did beyond what was expecting from her. Production was dope and the layout of the project takes you through different moods. Of course the Nicki feature tops the project but even the combination of the features that was put together every feature made sense and fit.

Coey P. Favorites

“ Thief in the night “ ft. G Herbo

Coi Leray and G Herbo was a collab I wasn't expecting but it is definitely fitting for the times. The bass is banging hard Coi got a chance to show her bars and if your a G Herbo fan this would fit your vibes too!

“ Overthinking “ ft. H.E.R

“ Paranoid “ ft. Polo G

Coi Leray free-styled this song a little on her XXL Freestyle if you remember! This track is more of Coi opening up and Polo G was a great fit for this track we all know Polo G keeps it Real!

“ Box and papers “

" 777 "


Being a female artist and often being “ slept on “ Latto exceeds expectations with this project “ 777 “ Latto has always been versatile so it wasn’t surprised but the overall layout of the project very much fits her and it's still super Atlanta. Latto can’t shake that Atlanta off but you still feel the vibes. You can tell Latto spent a lot of time on the project weather it was picking specific vibes or specific features you can catch every detail!

Coey P. Favorites

“ Stepper “ Nardo wick

I love because Nardo is New! Latto always got her ear to the street but it also has a drill but still very much trap vibe.

“ It’s Givin “

This track is very much for the ladies. This is one of them vibes you and your girls getting ready about to go out. A real feel good record!

“ Like a Thug “ ft Lil Durk

Latto showing her different flows with this one! Her and Lil Durk was expected but unexpected at the same time they are both at the top of their game so it made sense for them to collab!



Being a B Lovee fan for a while you really see the growth in his artisty from “ Courtland baby “ to now. The title “ Misunderstood “ is very fitting for the times being that B Lovee has been doing lots a press and the industry is still trying to understand the new era sound. Most of the songs was already released that’s why we gave the project a 3.5 not much new tunes and looking at this project as a re introduction to the industry B Lovee did what he was supposed to do.

Coey P. Favorites

“ Need You “

Favorite song on the project “ Need You “ has potential to be a new and improved “ My everything “ if the people catch on the wave.

“ Don’t Change “

The sample alone has a certain feel to it but B Lovee delivered on the track giving his extra sauce

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