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Music Monday Analysis

As Talk of the Town excels in the underground world, artists will one day become mainstream and so on. Friday’s are major release days in the industry and us consumers are either up at 12am that night or over the weekend tapping into the newest music. I will be starting a new segment called “Monday Music Analysis“ where I will analyze projects that dropped the previous Friday. Last Friday the projects that were on my radar were A Boogie With the Hoodie’s A Boogie vs Artist, PNB Rock’s 2 Get You Thru The Rain, Hotboii’s Life of a Hotboii, & Juice World’s Fighting Demons. I’ll be rating each project 1-5 stars with an explanation, as well as listing my favorites on each project. Check out what I thought and let us know what you think..

“ A boogie vs Artist “

A Boogie with the hoodie

A Boogie had us waiting on an album for so long! “I’ve been promising my fans an album for the entire year & it’s not quite final yet," stated Boogie upon releasing the EP. "I wanted to give my fans something before the year is over, so I decided to give them B4 AVA.” The EP was not needed. I would rather have singles. A boogie features along the end of the year were so strong this project definitely didn’t fulfill what was expected. The EP seems very rushed, and I don’t have an actual feel of what direction he wants to go in moving forward. I’m rating this project a 2.5 because I know A boogie has stronger songs in the cut. Being that this is only an EP, we can’t be too hard on him but we are still highly anticipating that album!

Coey P. Favorites

“ Notifications “

Love the energy & message of this song. Boogie always gives a different perspective which ladies love. With it being winter time this song is a great vibe track for cuffing season!

“ Be Free “

We all knew we were going to like this track. They previewed this track & I think Ella previewed it too so we knew it was coming. If you listen the message was deep but like I said before it's cuffing season & A Boogie’s setting the tone.

“ 2 Get You Thru The Rain ”


PNB Rock is such a slept-on artist! I hate that he only dropped an EP but I am excited to get new music from PNB Rock. He didn't need any features but Lil Baby, Young Thug & DJ Luke Nasty are featured on this EP. If you are a music junkie like me then you definitely heard when they leaked “ High “ ft Dj Luke Nasty. Rating this project a 3.5 because the project is so short but he got some bangers on it. PNB kept the same vibe he has always had. I’m definitely eager to see what’s next to come from him, but this project will hold it down for now.

Coey P. Favorites:

“ ZaZa “ - PNB Rock

This song is one of those fast car nice views enjoying life type of songs. He was talking some shit in this track but it just makes you feel the track even more. I woulda gathered lil Baby on this one but PNB Kilt it on his own too.

“ That’s My Bad “ - PNB Rock

Maybe this hits different because I’m a female but hearing I'm sorry definitely means a lot. This song hits differently especially with this time of year. It’s not a sad song, it still has a lil bop to it and it’s straight to the point.

“ Life of a Hotboii “


Hotboii has grown so much as an artist. I feel like he found his sound and lane and been coming strong with bangers ever since. From “ Kut da fan on “ to this project his music improvement. With features from Kodak Black , Lil TJay , 42 Dugg , Moneybagg Yo & Future this project was a success. Rating this project 4.5 stars because I feel like Hotboii didn’t try to do too much, he stayed himself, he was still being creative, and kept up with features while setting the tone and still had strong songs alone.

Coey P. Favorites:

“ Offset “

Hearing the title alone you don’t know what to expect but this track goes hard. Hotboii music gives a different energy and vibe depending on the mood you're in. Artists seem so shy while showing love to other artists but Hotboii seems so confident in this track while still showing love which is dope. Track definitely has a vibe.

“ Be Honest “

Hotboii always has a few tracks that hits you with a real message. Be Honest is true and so relatable especially being from the hood. Be honest is literally just a walk through his life.

“ Fighting Demons “

Juice World

It’s really hard to rate this project because Juice World is no longer here. I’m sure if Juice World was here he would have perfected this project. One thing that juice world is really great at in music is climax. Juice World’s music is a mood sensitive roller coaster and you never know what to expect. The project seems very personal; there aren’t any “club bangers” if you ask me, but there’s definitely music to make you think, feel & reevaluate. Overall giving this project 4.5 stars. Juice World’s team did a great job of carrying his legacy, I’m sure if he was here the project wouldn’t be too different.

Coey P. Favorites

“ Burn “

The climax in the song definitely touches the soul. From the beat instruments to the lyrics, definitely memorable and strong intro. Giving very high expectations for the rest of the project, but very strong start.

“ wandered to la “ ft Justin Bieber

Juice World has a gift of making his songs a roller coaster. This song was definitely one of them songs, just when you think the beat is done there’s more (in a good way). Definitely a mellow vibe song and can play getting dressed or late nights driving home definitely gets you moving but not too much.

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