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Melodic Trap is one of the most common sounds in Hip-Hop, with artists both established and underground dipping their toes into the sound. One of the newest faces looking to make waves in the industry is OTR Vonte, whose lyricism and versatility are what he’s hoping will help him break through.

Hailing from the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, OTR Vonte has been making music since 2019. His first-ever release came in the form of a visual titled, “See Us Win,” a short track where he raps about flexing on his haters. As a first single it leaves a bit to be desired, but it serves as a good proof of concept for what he wants to do. After a two-year drought, he dropped the loose tracks “Broken Bond,” and “Kept It Real.” To keep the momentum going, he finally dropped his debut EP, “Built 2 Survive.” The 7-track project sees OTR Vonte rap express himself on the topics of life struggles, friendships, and the pain that comes with living in the street. In the 2-year hiatus he took, the improvement is obvious, with more polished production and displays of different flows. It’s a solid first project which was well worth the wait.

Most recently, OTR Vonte linked with New Jersey artist Yvng Tella to craft the crooning banger, “No Belief.” The first time OTR Vonte has collaborated with another artist, it’s interesting to listen to the two at play. In the first half of the track, Vonte speaks about dealing with the lack of support around him and striving to prove his haters wrong. The production feels a lot smoother on the ears than his previous tracks, and the additions of layered vocals help fill out the spacing of the sound as well. Yvng Tella pulls through on the latter half of the track with a considerably faster flow that helps elevate the song entirely. Crooning about the same pain as Vonte, the speed of his rhymes pair well with the bounce of the beat, adding to the smooth feel of the overall vibe. If this track is an indication of what to expect from OTR Vonte, we are eagerly awaiting it.

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