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Rising Artist Elijah Oscar Is Bubbling Up With Single "Smile" and More

Emerging NY-based artist Elijah Oscar is on the rise throughout the airwaves. Initially native to Chicago, IL, Elijah has bee musically inclined since his childhood, always knowing he would be renowned. His consistency has proved the certainity of the success to come. Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and a handful of other legendary black entertainers, Elijah Oscar is in the lineup of contributing to the culture with quality music.

Recently making noise especially with the release of his single "Smile", Elijah Oscar has organically garnered over 5,000 streams and counting on Spotify alone, as "Smile" is beginning to emerge to more listeners. His creative efforts in the media have given him a leg up as well, recently seen on the likes of Hazard Lights, HipHopSince1987, and more.

Ready for the last quarter of 2023, its good to know that the bubbling creative is always going to have something up his sleeve. Be sure to stream "Smile" below in the meantime:

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