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Lefty Been Rich Hosts a Gallery for "Gallery"

Brooklyn Rapper Lefty Been Rich hosted a release party for his Debut EP, "Gallery," (which I previewed last week!) Held at NFT Gallery in Manhattan's Lower East Side, friends, family, media personnel, fellow artists, local celebrities (including Abby Jasmine, Leaf, and Slim Doallrs) & more descended upon the gallery for a night that was surely to be remembered.

As soon as you walked in to the event space, there were displays adorning the walls with looping visuals for Lefty's project, as well as NFT's that each represented a track on Lefty's project. Along with a DJ that kept the vibes right, there were charcuterie favors and complimentary (and custom!) wine flutes, as well as a pamphlet that broke down the meanings behind each track and its corresponding NFT.

I've been to a release parties, but I have to say that I haven't been to one like this before. Lefty and his team were able to craft a unique experience that combines the real world and the digital world, to create one cohesive idea you can view in both realities. When Lefty played the project for the room, it absolutely commanded everyone's attention. With its unique blend of Jersey Club, House, and Hip-Hop, Lefty Been Rich has a project with near universal appeal, and not to mention a consistently positive message, grabbing your attention wherever you go. If you haven't tuned in already, what are you doing?

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