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Project Preview - Lefty Been Rich, Law x 5Star

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Welcome to Project Preview, the newest series from Talk Of The Town. Here, we go over unreleased and upcoming music that you can look forward to listening to!

Lefty Been Rich - Gallery (EP)

Across the 5 tracks on his upcoming EP, “Gallery,” Lefty Been Rich uses a blend of various different genres to create a cohesive mixture of modern Dance music. It isn’t the longest project in the world, but that isn’t a necessity to make an impact. Heavily influenced by UK House Music and Jersey Club, Lefty has crafted a set of songs that showcase his ability to encompass several different vibes. With elements of Melodic Trap, Hyperpop, and even Dancehall, there are sounds for every set on this project. Lefty’s versatility and songwriting ability are among some of the notable features as well.

As a point of reference for the project, I would recommend listening to Lefty’s most recent single, “UP”. A track that’s also featured on the EP, it’s got a fun, bopping vibe that is absolutely infectious. The production is nice and polished, with Lefty’s vocal performance coming off as smooth as butter over an eclectic Jersey Club-influenced beat.

If you are a fan of House, Disco, Jersey Club, Dance, or Trap, I would implore you to listen to “Gallery,” when it drops on May 30th!

Law x 5Star - BUSS IT DOWN (Single)

Photo: WaveChange

Jersey meets Philly , as rising R&B star Law and Philly natives 5Star (pictured above) join forces for a Jersey Club track that’s sure to switch things up a bit. It’s got that signature bounce on it, but with some additional musical elements that help keep things sounding fresh. As a single, I’d say this track has enormous potential. It’s got bright and poppy sounds that make you yearn for the sun on your skin and a drink in your hand. The hook is an earworm that’s been stuck in my head for the past few days. When this track drops, it is sure to make a lot of noise. When you get passed the aux at your family barbecue, this is definitely the track you’ll want to play to set the tone off right.

If you’re a fan of Jersey Club, R&B, or Trap, I could not recommend this record enough. Check it out when it drops on June 9th!

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