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Khemist Mayfield Strives For Change With “A List Of Demands”

In the midst of a world marred by injustice, inflation, and immorality, Khemist Mayfield takes a bold stand for change with his latest album, "A List Of Demands." The eighteen-track LP takes listeners on an audio journey, not only through Khemist's personal trials and tribulations but also through the daily challenges faced by black individuals. Before the album's release, Khemist whetted fans' appetites with four powerful singles: "Dance For Me," "Streets Don’t Love No One," "Mexico," and "Night Night."

The leading single, "Night Night," featuring the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, delves into Khemist's journey from the struggles of the trenches to the challenges faced as a rising superstar. He vividly describes how guns and drugs heavily influence his surroundings, even as a successful musician, and emphasizes the importance of steering clear of negative influences on his path to success.

"A List Of Demands" incorporates a diverse mix of sounds to convey Khemist's call for change across all dimensions, while also offering lighthearted tunes. "Mexico" showcases Khemist rapping over the enchanting backdrop of guitar strings and female vocals, celebrating the bliss of being with a woman and experiencing a vacation-like feeling on the beachside. However, beneath the surface, the lyrics carry a deeper message, drawing attention to the temporary paradise for some and the enduring struggles for others.

The track "Filthy Water," featuring Ursula Rucker, demonstrates Khemist's lyrical prowess as he raps in double-time about the hardships of life and the ongoing fight for respect in the hood. The thought-provoking hook questions listeners about the impact of their environment on their growth. Ursula Rucker adds her powerful voice with an interlude, sharing a poignant quote by Zora Neal Hurston, urging listeners not to remain silent about their pain and to seek freedom and elevation to overcome their dilemmas.

"A List Of Demands" not only embraces the rich tradition of the Black musical canon but also challenges prevailing musical trends. The LP is skillfully produced by Anwar Marshall, Jack Union, and Anthony Bell, and features an array of esteemed guests, including executive producer DJ Jazzy Jeff, Bilal, Michael Eric Dyson, Ursula Rucker, Sibby Liv, CJ Johnson (of OH HE DEAD), and Black Buttafly. Khemist Mayfield's profound storytelling and powerful collaborations make "A List Of Demands" a compelling and essential addition to the music landscape.

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