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"From Howard to the Headphones: Jae Murphy's Rise in the Music Industry"

Updated: Jan 6

Jae Murphy, a talented artist and DJ, has carved his path in the music and entertainment industry. His journey began at Howard University, where he discovered his passion for music and entertainment. Howard, a prestigious historically black college, has served as the foundation for many iconic black figures, trailblazers, and artists.

As a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, Murphy found himself becoming a part of a vast and influential network. He emphasizes the importance of connecting with alumni in various entertainment fields such as film, TV, and radio. Leveraging these resources and building relationships is crucial for success in the industry.

Regarding Kappa stereotypes, Murphy acknowledges their existence but does not believe they hold weight. He firmly believes that stereotypes should not define an individual or their character. Instead, he and his fraternity brothers strive for excellence and achievement in every endeavor, aiming to be the best at everything they do.

Murphy's journey into music and artistry began during his time at Howard. Initially pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism, he later ventured into hosting and DJing. His experience as a DJ allowed him to tap into his artistic side and explore various creative avenues. Being a DJ is a form of artistry that involves producing sonics and bringing different songs together.

Silva: What came first, being a DJ or being an artist?

Murphy: I was a host before anything. I got my degree in broadcast journalism. I was hosting everything on campus. I didn't start DJing until 2011, my last year at Howard.

Silva: Was it because you saw a need or lack of diversity in the music industry?

Murphy: No, I've just done so much as a host, it was time to expand. Two of my line brothers were just encouraging me, saying 'you should just start DJing, do everything.'

Silva: When do you, as an artist, start coming into play?

Murphy: You know DJing is artistry in itself, and depending on how you create, you're essentially a producer as a DJ too. You're producing sonics, you're bringing different songs together. I felt like I've always been an artist as a creative. You have to put on certain creative hats from touring – to being in the studio with songwriters. – I've seen a lot, I've done a lot, and I've learned a lot and I understand that everything does take time. Once I learned how to put songs together and songwrite and arrange, it was probably 2014, 2015. Between then and now, I've always had my hands in other people's production, other people's music, other people's catalogs along with still defining the things that I wanted to make for myself.

Throughout his career, Murphy has worked with esteemed artists such as Eric Bellinger, Jason Derulo, and The Game. He credits them for teaching him about the composition and structure of songs. By collaborating and learning from these artists, Murphy has honed his own songwriting and production skills.

Silva: Can you name a few people that you've worked with?

Murphy: “Well, to give you a bit of my resume, I've DJed for Problem, Eric Bellinger, French Montana, Jason Derulo, The Game. This year I just did the 'Under The Influence Tour' with Chris Brown. I was an opening act – from that list, of course, I've worked with them on music. I learned a lot from Eric Bellinger and Jason Derulo when it came to the composition of songs and just building structure.”

Silva: Who's the most entertaining in the studio?

Murphy: “All of them are crazy! People don't really understand the layers of artistry. It’s like you have this branded product of an artist that's being presented to you on different platforms, but at the end of the day, they are still human. They still operate on emotion, they still create off of emotion. To experience any artist in their element, you're going to see the vulnerable side of them. And it’s not emo, it’s who they really are and how they feel things, how they see things. It comes from a deep place.”

Silva: What was it like when you recorded your first song?

Murphy: “It was me trying to define a moment and a sound. I'm not fond of making music that's trendy – having something that creates a feeling – that's always my goal. My goal is to be as intentional as possible.”

One of Murphy's recent releases is the celebratory anthem "Hood Girl Magic." The song is a dedication to women of color, celebrating their strength, resilience, and creativity. Murphy hosted a celebration for women, renting out a nail salon and providing champagne. The positive energy and vibe of the event were well-received, prompting Murphy to consider turning it into a tour in the future.

When it comes to accountability, Murphy believes both men and women should take responsibility for their actions. He acknowledges that women may sometimes justify their actions before taking accountability. However, he emphasizes the importance of standing up and taking responsibility, especially when faced with the consequences of one's actions.

As for his own preferences, Murphy admits to having a type when it comes to women. He believes that as people get older, their preferences become more refined and intentional. Murphy humorously discusses his choices between various female artists, highlighting their unique qualities.

What’s Your Type? (F, Marry, Kill Edition)

Saweetie Kill

Suki F

Ciara Married

Murphy: “…one had to go”

Coi Leray Kill

Nicki Minaj F

Cardi Married

Murphy:I'd marry Cardi because she seems like a fun time. Offset ain't going anywhere.”

Jordan Sparks Kill

Anita Baker F

Jasmin Sullivan Married

Murphy: “We are definitely going to marry Jasmine because she can spit on it how she was singing them songs. Anita gon get that, little Anita, definitely going to set the party off right. Anita gon have to slide on this thang, you know what I’M talking about”

Jill Scott Kill

Erykah Badu F

Nia Long Married

Murphy: Would marry Nia Long, everybody knows Erykah Badu got that wagon in the back

Looking ahead, Murphy has more projects in the works. He plans to release two new singles at the beginning of the year, with an EP expected for the summertime. Additionally, he has secured a residency at Deluxx Fluxx, located next to Webster Hall.

Jae Murphy's journey as an artist and DJ showcases the power of passion, networking, and creative exploration. From Howard University to the stages of his performances, Murphy continues to make a name for himself in the music industry while staying true to his craft.


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