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Fergie Baby Makes Waves with 'Who Bigger?'

In the realm of captivating artists, Fergie Baby stands as a name that leaves everyone craving more. Fresh off the success of his hit tracks like "Suburbans" and "Birthday" featuring Dusty Locane, Fergie Baby has proven his knack for capturing the attention of all his listeners. His recent collaboration on Roc Nation's HD Been Dope's single "Can't Get Rid Of Me" has solidified Fergie's position as one of the top rappers emerging from NYC. Now, the Harlem star is back with a brand new single that's set to shake up the industry.

Titled "Who Bigger?", his latest release isn't just an anthem for the masses but a powerful reminder. Regardless of the listener's gender or profession, this track serves as a call to remember that one's most significant competition is none other than themselves. In a world where doubt and fear often loom large, Fergie Baby's newest hit is guaranteed to dissolve all those insecurities.

For the accompanying music video, Fergie Baby, alongside his longtime publicist Jasmine Jones and a group of creative minds from NYC, brainstormed a concept that goes beyond the norm. Collaborating with the NYC Dirtbikers, the video not only amplifies the message embedded in his lyrics but also pays homage to NYC Dirtbike legends such as Dirtbike James, Steph Wes, and Sam Dogz. With scenes featuring a Uhaul truck and a NYC rooftop, the video promises to send shivers down your spine from start to finish.

Produced by: Fast Life (Abstractk & Directk)

Directed by: Dre Hartwell & Pete Shoota

Edited by: Dre Hartwell

ADP: Borleone Films, Childish Ant, Tony Rich, Jhonnyshotthat, Goldin & Donthecameraguy

Creative Directed by: Fergie Baby & Jasmine Jones

Executive Produced by: Jasmine Jones

Drone Specialist: Omari "5AM"

VHS/NightCam: Childish Ant

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