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Emerging Philadelphia Artist Jus O Drops Off New Single and Visual "14 Rounds"

Philadelphia has long been known for the lyricism that derives from its streets, and emerging artist Jus O is definitely entering the conversation with the release of his new single "14 Rounds" produced by Bizzness Music. The single has also been matched with an official visual shot by Quay Productions. "14 Rounds" is very much a timeless record, providing a nostalgic feeling replicated right out of 2012/2013, when the airwaves started to catch on to acts like Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, J. Cole, and more related under the concious umbrella of hip-hop.

"14 Rounds" is not the very beginning for the Philadelphia native, as he'd always been musically inclined since his childhood. Using music as an expressive tool, Jus O lyrically serenades each record in his discography, and "14 Rounds" is a rhapsodic masterpiece. For those new to Jus O, be sure to stream the new visual below:

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20 sept 2023

Thanks for the write up! Truly appreciate it 🙏🏽

Me gusta
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