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Bubbling NJ Artist Riley 5Rings Releases New "Foreign" Jersey Club Mix

Emerging New Jersey artist Riley 5Rings is entering the fourth quarter of the year with a new twist to his previous single “Foreign” – officially releasing the Jersey Club Mix last Thursday. Produced by ShoBeatz, “Foreign” Jersey Club Mix is definitely fitting for the last of the warm weather, making a perfect vibe to get people up and moving. A follow up to his latest single "Gotta Blast" ft. Thorough Bred The Ruler, the Orange, NJ native is keeping consistent with quality releases. The original record was released alongside an official visual shot and directed by NotCommon Films, which has amassed close to 50,000 views and counting on Youtube alone. Now that the record has a spin to it, there's no telling what can come next.

With the "Foreign" Jersey Club Mix anticipated to bubble up on TikTok, Riley has been giving fans a leadway to have some fun with the record and create their own TikTok visuals for a chance to win a cash prize. Working hard to lead supporters and new listeners on his journey to releasing a new project, the anticipation is organically building.

Diligently and creatively expanding his audience after each release, Riley 5Rings is surely prone to massive notoriety. For those new to Riley 5Rings, be sure to steam the official "Foreign" Jersey Club Mix below:

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