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Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Emerging (Bed-Stuy) Brooklyn, New York rap-star Leeky G Bando is one of New York City's finest acts when it comes to drill music, and he proves this to be true in his second studio album release, Blood Sweat & Tears -- released via OneRPM in December 2022. A month or so into its release, the Brooklyn-native is reaping the rewards of genuine fan reactions. His supporters have long-awaited the release of this second studio album, since his debut project Big Structure Vol. 1, released back in March 2021. The 12-track collective definitely won't disappoint, leaving its listeners with a raw view of Leeky G Bando's lifestyle, persona, and inner-thoughts.

With focal tracks like "Brother Man" and "Tele" featuring Bizzy Banks, the new album is full of different gems that fans can enjoy. Also accompanied by a few visuals to match, fans can happily stream some quality content on Leeky G Bando's Youtube today. Ready for 2023 and whatever comes along, Leeky G Bando's Blood Sweat & Tears surely won't go to waste, and if you're new to his journey, the new album is definitely a great place to start. Be sure to stream Blood Sweat & Tears below:

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