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Bandmanrill and DJ Sliink Unite for Electric Sequel, "Real Hips II"

Bandmanrill and DJ Sliink, leading figures in the Jersey club music scene, have teamed up once again for their latest hit, "Real Hips II." Following the success of "Real Hips," a standout track from Bandman's Club Godfather project in 2022, the duo brings an uptempo banger that will undoubtedly get you moving. DJ Sliink's expert touch, adding live percussion and synth strings, complements Bandman's charismatic flow as he calls everyone to the dance floor and delivers a warning to his adversaries. The infectious beats and masterful vocal manipulation make it impossible to resist the urge to dance to this euphoric track.

"Real Hips II" is just a taste of what's in store as DJ Sliink prepares to release his upcoming EP later this year. Fans can expect more dynamic beats and electrifying production that showcase DJ Sliink's unmatched talent.The new track is also part of the journey to "Jiggy In Jersey," an eagerly awaited collaborative project featuring Bandmanrill, Bronx rapper Sha EK, and producer MCVERTT. Slated for release on August 4th via Defiant Presents, the project promises to be a monumental moment for the East Coast music scene. Under the executive production of MCVERTT, "Jiggy In Jersey" will highlight the seamless chemistry between Bandmanrill's rapid-fire rhymes, Sha EK's commanding delivery, and MCVERTT's indomitable, high-BPM production.

With "Real Hips II" setting the stage for more incredible music to come, fans can anticipate an unforgettable experience that pushes the boundaries of creativity and showcases the bright future of Jersey club music. Keep an eye out for DJ Sliink's EP and the highly anticipated "Jiggy In Jersey" release, as these collaborations mark a significant moment in the evolution of the East Coast sound.

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