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Are You Rockin' With Proph?

With the sample drill scene consistently growing and seemingly being one of the most popular subgenres of drill right now, it’s been admittedly hard to find something that I like - especially when a lot of today’s drill music follows the same blueprint. Every now and then there’s something (or someone) that catches my attention, and the latest has been Prophet the Artist, a Newark-raised rapper who’s latest single Rock With Proph has been doing numbers and getting attention from users across Youtube and social media platforms, respectively. Although there are so many other dope tracks within his catalogue, his latest track and previews of what’s in the works has supporters both new and old tapped in and waiting to see what’s next.

The previously-mentioned Rock With Proph is one Prophet’s most well-received recent uploads, and has garnered a lot of attention on Youtube with tons of people giving him props on how hard he went on the beat. For those who haven’t tapped in yet, the title of this track was coined from Michael Jackson’s Rock With You, which was sampled and made into a BOP that carried us into the new year. Sampling such an iconic song, or even iconic artist in general, can be very difficult for an upcoming artist as there are expectations that have to be met in order for it to be well received. If not apparent enough from the comments on his Youtube channel and Instagram, I think most people would agree that the sample was definitely done justice. His bars flowed well, they were clear and understandable, and he was popping his sh-t! He had a line like:

“Gotta know you gon’ fold on your way to the top, just don’t try to be something you not”

I like when music has some sort of message, and this definitely checked that box for me!

In addition to his solo track, Prophet also released a song with YN Jay called Flint Flow which dropped exclusively with visuals by WSHH last month. The song stays consistent with YN Jay’s typical flow - it’s not a drill song, but showed how versatile Prophet can be when it comes to different styles of rap. He also had a track Timed It dropped by WSHH which was also very well received and got over 500k hits on Youtube.

As far as what’s next, Proph previewed a track sampling Ne-Yo’s Miss Independent that got over 2.6k likes and a ton of comments indicating that his followers are understandably excited and on the lookout. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he has coming in 2022, and I can honestly say his music has made it to my playlist! Tap in to his music and let us know what you think.

Written By: Briana Imani

IG: @_Brianaimani

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