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Entering the second quarter of the year with some new heat, rising Brooklyn-native Kev The Pope recently shared his new single called "You Said It's Love" -- and it is now available on all digital streaming platforms to enjoy. Intimately inclined, the new single definitely comes right in time for the end of the cuffing season -- giving a ultramodern blend of hip-hop and RNB, with hints of alternative sounds. Kev The Pope carries the track melodically, all whilst telling a story from the insight of a troubled relationship.

“Don’t get caught up in something temporary because life is short, but it goes on.” – Kev The Pope

The track was also officially released with a new video to match, proving Kev's passion and consistency to takeover the airwaves and expand his fanbase. Garnering 60,000+ streams and counting on Youtube alone, the new track is bound to go crazy throughout the year. Be sure to officially stream it below:

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