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Interested in growing your brand? Whether it's marketing, promotion, or behind the scenes footage, we got you! Tap into our services below and let us help you get to the top!

For Promotion, Interviews, Media Coverage, and Talk of the Town Magazine:

For Consultations, Youtube Advertisements, and Spotify Placements:

For All Other Inquiries, email:


Receive one on one service with us & help plan out a game plan to accomplish your goal in mission currently in your career. Continuous consulting options are available.

Social Media Promotion

Besides our social media with 20k+ followers, we have a list of other pages where your brand or music can be shared at for a variety of different prices

Blog Placement

As shown on our website we do article write-ups on artists, lifestyle, businesses & more. We also have a list of other websites we can connect businesses too also.

Production Services

Do you have a vision for your music video or can’t come up with a concept for your latest song? Book our production services come with location placement props & more based on vision.


  • Cover Arts

  • Logos

  • Visualizers

  • Flyers

Extra Services

  • Song Reviews

  • Recording Studio Sessions

  • Spotify Placements

  • Interview Placement

  • Behind the Scenes Content


“Talk of the town definitely helped me as an upcoming artist and got some of my content out to other audiences as well they were a sure part of my success as an upcoming artist “

“ You guys do an amazing job in the upcoming rappers tryna make it out. You guys definitely do help out with views a helping artist reaches other viewers that like their content. I feel like you guys missed out on his freestyle but can hopefully get a “ bars of the town “ 🙏. But definitely did give swift a bunch of followers and some more viewers on the page on his drops. Talk of the town is definitely for the upcoming. The same way you guys upcoming to get blue checked you guys are helping out the trenches. Much love 🚿🚿🦅🦅🐐🐐 “

“ I’m Calling On All Artist to get your music PUT OUT THERE BY @talkofthetownshow this week promo has been nothing short of amazing so make you get your music heard go tap in. 5 stars for sure... periodt “

“ The take a closer look at jersey artists definitely helped get my music more out there. Got a load of followers and more viewers to my songs. Very much appreciated y’all def helped form the stepping stones. “

“ Talk of the town services is great Yall get the job done in a timely matter and it helps get more exposure to my page overall everything is good “

“ It was good I can see that y’all actually care about upcoming artists and not just ones that already got a large following. Y’all more than just a promo page. I’m on the come-up myself so I know how it is working from nothing and I been watching y’all page from damn near the beginning. Y’all came along the way keep providing for the streets y’all are definitely much appreciated “

“ Talk of the town services is great Yall get the job done in a timely matter and it helps get more exposure to my page overall everything is good “

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