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Who's Really Responsible for 'My Everything' Going Viral?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear "She's acting naughty, she wants me to spank her, bad lil bitch not basic, give you my time, you better not waste it"? To do the saucy Santana dance or just bop your head to the aggressive yet vibey lyrics?"

With Tik Tok taking over the world a new viral song is born every day with support from dance creators. Sometimes the credit for these viral songs can get lost in the sauce from all the different remixes. B Lovee My Everything is a prime example of that. Mr. Material girl himself Saucy Santana recently threw a party for his EP, Keep It Playa. At the event, the DJ decides to play one of the hottest songs trending on TikTok B love my everything. That wasn't satisfying to Santana because there has been a clip circulating the internet where Santana can be seen telling the DJ to cut off the viral song. Santana talks into the mic, saying, "I already made B Lovee blow up." B Lovee responded with an Instagram story post: "I got nothing against nobody just don’t play with my name on bro cause I don’t care bout nun of that shit can go left." B lovee didn’t deny that Santana’s dance helped push his song but in a gangsta fashion, he let it be known he wasn’t with all the extra talk. Many people approved of Santana's choice of words since his dance did add more steam behind the song. The dance was played on social media like a repetitive commercial, you couldn’t help but join in. You could look on social media and see the dance being played along with the song from Instagram influences such as Jayda Cheaves and Ari.

Being a music junkie I got acquainted with the song before the dance became such a movement. As a New York native, we all know how hard it is to get your song to even pop in such a show-no-love city as New York. So that in itself is a big accomplishment for Bronx artist B Lovee. Also, we can't forget that the internet has a mind of it's own. I doubt B lovee, told people to do the Santana dance to promote his song. It just became a two-for-one deal type of thing. I do feel like some credit is due to Santana because his dance took the already rising song a bit more mainstream to the point where you couldn’t help but associate the dance with the song. I do believe that artists should be giving these dance creators some type of acknowledgment for the "promotion” that they do. Whether that be an Instagram shoutout, including them in the video whatever it may be some acknowledgment is only right. Similarities in this situation can be seen in what happened between Mooski's breakout single Trackstar. Where City Boy j created a dance for the song and called out the artist Mooski for not including him in the music video.

Do you guys agree that these dance creators are entitled to some type of acknowledgment from the artists? Or do you feel the artist created the song so the success is all theirs?

Written By: Frenchyy

IG: @MsFrenchyy

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