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Turn up like Big Stain!

While the world was on lockdown in the Summer of 2020, Brooklyn Drill rapper Big Stain was locked in the studio. Taking advantage of an unprecedented time in human history, he got to cooking and writing and released his first-ever track on SoundCloud, “Shake It.” He quickly followed this up with “It’s a Party,” another loosie that dropped on SoundCloud. It wasn’t until he dropped “Pull Up,” that he would drop his first visual, and find himself in lite viral fame. With the success of “Pull Up,” Big Stain continued to drop loosies and accompanying visuals over the next two years. Among these tracks are sleeper hits such as “Get Active,” parts one and two of the “Stain Talk” series, “No Hook,” and “Stain Season.”

His debut EP, “Different,” finally arrived in October 2022. With only six songs, Big Stain puts his lyrical prowess on display and gets the job done by leaving the listener wanting more. The highly anticipated “Stain Talk pt. 3,” but the Brooklyn Rapper also dips into the Chicago Drill sound with the track, “Chicago Flow,” where he embodies the title of the song by using a flow similar to what you would find from Chicago Drill artists like King Von and Little Durk.

To promote his new release, Big Stain has been making the hip-hop platform rounds and performing some of his new tracks. His Hazard Lights performance saw him effortlessly rapping “Stain Talk Pt. 3” as he exchanged energetic handshakes with his friends in the backseat mid-bar, and his In The Lounge performance had him rapping the short-and-sweet “Intro,” the aptly titled intro track off of “Different.” With the EP gaining more traction, it’s hopeful that we’ll see another Big Stain project or track soon enough.

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