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Summer is On The Way With Olumide's "New Keys"

Maryland native Olumide has just released his new single "New Keys," right in time for the start of Summer 2024. This track is set to become the season's anthem, with its infectious energy and vibrant vibe. According to Olumide, "this record right here is that I'm outside, I'm ready to be seen, I'm loving this weather, and the sunlight is shining!" The song captures the essence of summer with its feel-good, bass-heavy, and confident sound, making it perfect for anyone looking to celebrate their achievements and soak up the sunshine.

Olumide describes "New Keys" as a track for those who have something to boast about, whether it's new keys to a car, an apartment, a house, or even a new path in life. The song is designed to hype listeners up and make them feel proud of their accomplishments. Its powerful beats and uplifting lyrics are sure to resonate with anyone who's ready to step into the spotlight and embrace the good vibes of summer.

With endorsements from The Revolt, Okay Player, and The Source, Olumide is set to make waves in the music scene this summer. "New Keys" is just the beginning, as the rapper plans to keep the momentum going with more incredible releases throughout the season. Fans can look forward to a summer filled with amazing music from this talented artist.

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