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Silk West Drops Off New EP "STAY SILKY!"

Bubbling Florida rapper Silk West recently dropped off his latest project STAY SILKY!, which his now available on all digital streaming platforms. While the sunshine state is known to birth some of hip-hop’s most beloved emcees, Silk West aims to be upon the list of originals from the area. The xx-track collective features highlighted tracks like “Mackin”, “Let’s Get It” ft. Alex Jordan, “Wonderful Day” and more, all readily available to be discovered by new listeners.

Silk West is big on his authenticity, and it radiates all throughout the body of STAY SILKY! A follow up to his EP BACK 4 MORE, Silk West has been staying consistent throughout 2023 and will continue to lay the foundation as a professional recording artist. Be sure to stream STAY SILKY! below:

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