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Shady Baby Drops New Single "BALL"

New York City is where Hip Hip started and names claim to some of the greatest rappers of all time. Each borough has always had its own sound and energy. Brooklyn has always been the home of the gangsters. Queens will motivate you to get money. The boogie down Bronx has been flexing sturdy dance moves since the b-boy era. And if you know anything about Harlem, its always been about getting money and getting fly.

East Harlem rapper Shady Baby's new single Ball, embodies the "get money" energy of Harlem. If youre a stepper who doesnt check price tags, this song is for you. If you work hard and like spoiling yourself, this song is also for you. Its only been out for a day and has already racked up over 10k views. Shady has a way of talking about fly s**t that makes me feel like a baller. Its something different than the drill wave and i think thats worth having a listen. Fashion is a big part of the Hip Hop culture and Shady live canvas. In the video (shot by Haitian Picasso), Shady is in a full length mink coat and Cartie frames as he said in the hook (no cap in his rap). He had a brand new white range rover parked in the middle of Rucker Park basketball court.

Since coming home from a 6 1/2 year bid in 2019, Shady Baby has dropped Shady Baby The E.P and has been consistent with singles. He used the pandemic to lock in on his music and get better at his craft. He is a versatile artist with different music for different moods, but the one constant is the authenticity. You can find Shady Baby on all streaming platforms. Watch his latest video here

Written By: Bella Bundii

IG: @bellabundii

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