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On Set Da Trend’s new video single “Don’t Run”, which serves as the second single to his forthcoming debut mixtape Setty Vs Set Da Trend, he once again unites with fellow New York artist Murda B as the duo flex their noted chemistry and deliver an infectious performance. Set Da Trend, who is half-Dominican and Murda B, who is half-Puerto Rican, tap into their shared Latin roots and influences throughout the video, donning their country’s flags and rapping over a drill beat with a sampled Dominican song. Set Da trend uses his gruff delivery to kick off the new track – “You don’t love me, you just love the way I be swaggin’”, he raps with a growl. Murda B’s verse follows suit, as she flexes her hurried flow, complimenting Set Da Trend’s authoritative performance. With Set Da Trend continuing to showcase his evolving artistry with each subsequent release, the self-expressive “Taking Advantage” & now “Don’t Run”, the two singles for his upcoming debut mixtape Setty Vs Set Da Tend, perfectly capture the different layers to Setty as the dynamic artist that he is.

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