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Set Da Trend Announces Debut Mixtape and Drops New Video

Set Da Trend, the prominent 19-year-old Bronx artist, has just shared his new video single “Taking Advantage”, along with the announcement that his debut mixtape Setty Vs Set Da Trend is set for release on 6/30. Set Da Trend has spent the past three years building a distinct name for himself within the NYC music scene through his expressive lyricism and stand-out collaborations with the likes of Kay Flock & Dougie B, as well as his breakthrough solo track with Cash Cobain. In the process, he’s quickly become a household name within his city’s booming scene despite his limited discography – supported by his distinctive skill set that comes complete with uniquely emotional raps expressed through a healthy balance of candid storytelling and no-nonsense bars, rapid-fire flows and an array of cadences. Now, beginning with the release of “Taking Advantage”, Set Da Trend is entering his new era with a chip on his shoulder to prove himself as a staple in his city and beyond.

On Set Da Trend’s new video single “Taking Advantage”, the first peak into his forthcoming debut mixtape Setty Vs Set Da Trend, the Bronx artist’s continued desire to be conscious in regards to his lyrics, as well as his tight-knit raps, are on full display. Through his growly delivery, Set Da Trend uses the knocking beat to continue expanding upon his eccentric take on the drill sound by delivering an animated yet simultaneously mature performance. After assuring that his sound is to be labelled as “bag music” rather than just drill music, he immediately kicks off the new track with the introspective hook – “Problems, you can’t run away from it / I used to sleep in the trap house / Fight to the end, never back down”, he raps with purpose. With a clear-cut emphasis on self-expression and growth as both an artist and a person within his evolving artistry, Set Da Trend is using “Taking Advantage” and his upcoming debut mixtape Setty Vs Set Da Trend to continue setting himself apart through his dynamic sound.

Will you be tuning into Setty Vs Set Da Trend when it drops on June 30th?

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