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Dj Big Skipp recently released a new single featuring New York’s own Capella Grey and New Jersey’s finest Mr. Chicken. This track had been in the works for sometime as both artist had laid their verses a year a part from each other but it has been worth the wait. Big Skipp had a vision for the instrumental he produced, and in my humble opinion his delivery was certainly more than sufficient. First, we have to praise Skipp’s artist selection, this Disc Jockey definitely has picked two rising artists that are serious about their craft and have no problem creating melodic flows to serenade listeners.

This single was like a mantra of sorts. “I’m with the same gang” - screams loyalty, starting with nothing but always looking for progress and reaping the benefits with the same gang; never looking for validation, especially when you have genuine people in your corner; although you are now at a level where you can say “I told you so” you never forget where you came from so the humbleness gives you balance in a treacherous game (music industry or simply life). “Baby we don’t do no new friends”- Not a soul believes in your dreams when you are broke or considered a nobody, but as soon as you start to make traction fraudulent people make their way to the front to greet, staying with the “Same Gang” allows you preclude that form of drama. To me “Same Gang’ is message letting the listener know that although your circumstance may not be ideal, possibility exists and its even more achievable when you have genuine love/ people in your corner.

I look forward to the reaction from listeners and how its received. I definitely believe this song speaks to individuals who may have lost their way on their journey and have forgotten who was there for them when the needed help the most. Everyday we wake up we have a chance and a choice, so when its your time, make sure you bask in the moment with the “Same Gang”

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