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Roc Nation Unveils "Humble Soles" Mixtape: A Vibrant Celebration of Hip Hop and Streetwear

August 8th marked a significant moment in music history as Roc Nation, the pioneering music label, proudly presented its highly anticipated mixtape release, "Humble Soles."

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop, Roc Nation has introduced the groundbreaking mixtape project, "Humble Soles," featuring fresh tracks from the label's emerging rap talents and the industry's rising producers. This collaborative endeavor is a groundbreaking tribute to the intrinsic connection between hip hop and streetwear culture, transcending boundaries and genres.

Tracks like "Tale Of 2 Legends" by Tyre Hakim and RJAE, "The Takeover" by RJAE, Tyre Hakim, Johnny Cocoa, and "Love is a Mixtape" by Kalan.FrFr and Reuben Vincent have provided special summer previews that paved the way for this week's full mixtape release. A surprise bonus track titled "Love Answers All" featuring Rapsody and KentheMan adds an extra layer of excitement.

Emory Jones, the executive producer of the project, expressed his pride in the collaborative efforts of the artists involved. He highlighted how this lineup of trailblazers is shaping the future of sound, blending innovation and uniqueness while embodying humility and dedication. This mixtape serves as a tribute to the genre's finest, a sentiment that Jones believes has been successfully captured.

Shari Bryant, Roc Nation Label co-president, elaborated on the significance of the mixtape beyond just music. It's a symbol of the broader Mixtape campaign that mirrors how hip hop has shaped culture, discourse, fashion, and much more. Bryant emphasized the unity of Roc Nation voices that have united to create a project that pays homage to a culture that has given so much back.

The mixtape is a cornerstone of Roc Nation's comprehensive partnership with PUMA, as part of the collaborative Mixtape Series, and shoe and apparel collection. A fusion of music, fashion, and technology, the project incorporates scannable NFC-powered "LGT Tags" within PUMA Mixtape RS-XL shoes, unlocking unreleased mixtape tracks and exclusive content.

The initiative extends beyond just music and fashion, also encompassing digital content like the Mixtape Roundtable, a forthcoming docu-series on mixtape culture, immersive pop-up events, and cypher competitions that unite local artists. The mixtape also welcomes the iconic return of industry veteran DJ Clue, who has once again taken the mixtape game by storm.

The release not only captures the essence of music but contributes to the narrative of mixtape culture's rich history, celebrating the culture in unprecedented ways. Fans can anticipate a series of additional drops and activations throughout the year as part of Roc Nation's ongoing Mixtape campaign, commemorating 50 years of hip hop in style.

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