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Rising New York Artist Lila Simonee Releases New Single "Go Off"

Upcoming New York and New Jersey based artist Lila Simonee enters the game with a firey, entertaining and relatable sound -- totally practicing authenticity. She recently released her newest single titled "Go Off" which is now available across all digital streaming platforms. The new track definitely falls under the umbrella of the popular NYC drill wave that is currently taking place, and Lila Simonee surely delivers an authentic flow, creating a distinct difference between her version of a drill track, and the general idea everyone else has. In this takeover era of female emcees, Lila Simonee has a promising ordeal of talent to take her to the next level.

With her calming yet intriguing delivery, alongside her choice of lyricism to match, Lila Simonee is one of the artists a music lover wouldn't be able to ignore, given the chance to hear her work. Preparing to build a stronger foundation for her journey into the music industry, "Go Off" is only one of many pieces of gold Lila Simonee has to offer. For those new to her discography, be sure to stream "Go Off" below:

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