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Rising Louisiana Artist Asé Releases Three New Projects On The Same Day

Bubbling Louisiana artist Asé is stepping into the summer season on fire, recently releasing three new albums in one day -- and yes, he means THREE. Not holding anything back and ready to go all the way, Asé decided to show the world a catalog of the music he has been continuously working on, with these new albums named Black Sheep, Asé 1.5, and Asé 2. With all three currently available upon all digital streaming platforms, the New Iberia native has a total of 25 tracks for new listeners and curious bystanders to listen to.

Black Sheep

With highlighted tracks like "In Your City," "Till The End," and self-titled track "Asé", Asé brings an authentic sound and vibe with the entire 8-track collective. Listen to it below:

Asé 1.5

This project comes doubly from the heart, containing seven differeny vibes for listeners to choose from. Making music as a form of expression and relatability, this can be seen as true throughout the body of Asé 1.5. Check it out:

Asé 2

With no letting up, the New Iberia, LA native follows up with his third release, which is another self-titled album ready to be streamed. The tracklist flaunts ten different records, and tops off this grand release for Asé. Take a peek:

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