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Rique - "OTW"

Channeling the feeling of unrequited love in the hopes of turning it into so much more, New York Artist Rique takes the opportunity to tell a story in the music video for one of his latest tracks, “OTW”.

Separate from the video, the song is an expression of Rique’s yearning, as he spends practically every line talking to a female best friend of his, letting her know that he can be everything she needs. The only problem is that she’s already got a man, so Rique is effectively stuck in the friend zone, regardless of how pure his intentions may be. The accompanying visual allows for bits and pieces of the story to be filled in, allowing the audience to understand the different thematic layers that might not have come across so easily when listening to just the audio.

The video starts with the friend in question going to greet her boyfriend while he’s playing a video game. It’s unclear what they’re saying to each other, but it leads to a heavy argument between the two. Intercut with shots of Rique performing the song at his studio, and to a crowd at a bar, the friend calls up Rique, who leaps to her aid almost immediately. On his way over to pick her up, he takes the opportunity to grab some flowers for her. He picks her up from her presumably now-ex-boyfriend’s house, where she’s elated to see him. The two converse, he gives her the flowers, and it seems like all is going well until they get back into the car to drive to her place. She’s holding the flowers while they talk in the car but decides that she can’t take them before leaving Rique in the car by his lonesome. He’s distraught by it all, pouring your heart out to someone you love is never easy, especially if you don’t know whether or not they feel the same way. Surprisingly, she comes back to the car, outfit changed, and kisses Rique on the cheek as she caresses his face. Unsure of what caused the change of heart, but incredibly happy for it, the two speed off for a night of fun. Once again intercut with shots of Rique performing, the friend in question is seen at the performance, recording Rique while he’s on stage. There are various shots of them hanging out there, and at the studio as well, mixed with other shots of them smoking and conversing and enjoying each other’s company.

I am a fan of music videos that explore the themes of the songs they’re based on. It was always clear to hear that the song was about unrequited love, but the video truly expands the idea and creates something of a self-contained, full-fledged story, with the song as its soundtrack. As a great example of Rique’s versatility, the contrast between he usually fast flow and the slower beat makes for a great combination, and ultimately a great track.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

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