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RichDreamsProduction Releases New Single "Rich Stories" Ft. Twist, Mikey B and KidCam

Native to the urban neighborhoods of New London, CT, Rich Dreams Proudction members Twist, Mikey B, and KidCam drop off their latest collaborative single titled "Rich Stories", officially released alongside a new video to match. The new track is now available across all digital streaming platforms ready to be discovered, and the support of the visual component makes the listening experience even more worthwhile. Officially shot by renowned CT videographer TymeFloc, the RichDreams team truly delivers in this new collaboration.

While all Twist, Mikey B, and KidCam are initially solo acts, their ability to work together to create magic is seamless. For those new to hip-hop coming from the New England area, the Rich Dreams Productions roster is definitely one to keep an eye on. Stream "Rich Stories" below:

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